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Although we made a normal amount of noise driving up to the house and walking in, neither Heather nor her boyfriend, lying on the couch in a passionate embrace, seemed to notice as we entered the living room. We hesitated. Then you placed a finger on your lips, motioning me to be quiet; and we both relaxed, leaning quietly against the doorframe, enjoying the entertainment.

Both Heather and her companion (who was unknown to us) were fully clothed, but the young man was trying to correct the situation. He slipped his hand inside her blouse, which was already half unbuttoned; she moaned softly, but slowly, reluctantly, pulled his hand away. He slowly reached in again, undoing one more button; even more slowly, she removed his hand again. Like a stuck record, the identical motions were repeated over and over.

It was not difficult to understand the young man's fascination with what was under Heather's blouse. When she had arrived, it was obvious that she was not wearing a bra; her large, firm breasts stood out proudly from her magnificent 18-year-old body. I suppose I stared, but she didn't seem to mind. As we walked out to the car, you laughingly told me that I could stop drooling. And now, as if in a projection of my fantasy, those luscious young tits were being stroked and fondled.

Suddenly, the boy seemed to tire of the game, and sat up on the couch in a huff, still looking away from us. Heather, suddenly concerned, pressed up against him, her breasts nearly overflowing her blouse, now almost fully open. At first, he would not be consoled; then he relented, and began to kiss her. How long would it be before he tried again, I wondered, but the youth had decided to try a different tactic; as he held her with one arm, he began to unsnap and unzip his jeans with his free hand. With remarkable dexterity, and without relinquishing the kiss, he opened his fly and pulled his jeans down just a little.

Just a little--but enough. The sexual teasing that he had been subjected to, had given him an enormous erection, which sprung free impressing both of us. Still without breaking the kiss, he took Heather's hand and wrapped it softly around his cock. After a few moments, she withdrew her hand; then, she slowly broke the kiss and gazed down, dreamlike, at his erection. Slowly, on her own, she reached for it, stroked it lovingly, caressed its length with hypnotic fascination.

Heather's friend moaned softly; and slowly, gently, but inexorably, began to push her head toward his lap. We exchanged excited glances; it was obvious what he wanted. We nearly gasped out loud as Heather began to lovingly kiss the side of kiss cock, as he moaned in sudden pleasure. She began to lick the length of his cock with long strokes, obviously aware of--and enjoying--the effect she was having on her partner. Her red tongue danced slowly up and down his swollen prick, teasing him, unleashing his passion. Suddenly, boldly, she encircled the head of his cock with her moist, full lips. The magnitude of the unexpected pleasure seemed to be too much for her friend to bear; holding her head down on him, he thrust wildly with his hips, driving his shaft deep into her mouth. Not surprisingly, she gagged. At the same time, we gasped and they heard us....


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